Instant Champorado is a game-changer for savory snack enthusiasts. With an easy-to-prepare formula, this Instant Rice Porridge lets you relish the rich, chocolaty goodness of traditional Filipino champorado in just minutes. Each packet contains DOST-FNRI Rice-Mongo Instant Blend, pre-mixed rice and cocoa, ensuring a smooth, creamy texture every time. Ideal for busy mornings or quick comfort food cravings, Instant Champorado delivers a delectable, authentic experience without the hassle.

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Certificates: DOST-FNRI Rice Mongo Complementary Food Blend -for the base ingredient. DOST Central Luzon & DOST PSTO Bulacan for other dehydrated ingredients (crops & livestock processed via EFR Technology, and for the GMP, 5S & Food Safety Best Practices.

Price is per gram which starts at Php. 0.50

Price is VAT Exclusive. Applicable taxes are applied upon completion of orders with issuance of sales invoice

Discounted price is available for bulk orders. Please contact us directly to avail distributor rate.

Delivery charges for bulk orders are charged to client.

Lead-time for bulk orders is minimum 20 days from receipt of confirmed purchase order with payment confirmation.

Storage: Store at 28-30 degrees Celsius (room temperature) only. Do not expose to extremely heated environment.

Nutrition Information: available upon request based on preferred packaging/serving size.

Shelf-life: 8 months to 1 year.

Packaging: Food grade PE film.