How We Started

AHP, Inc. partnered it's LunchBox Project with Rendon Trading to participate in the implementation of School-Based Feeding Program for the Department of Education. AHP, Inc. tapped different DOST clients & DOST-FNRI technology adapters to promote collaboration in order to supply the SBFP requirements


The First Innovation

LunchBox Project of AHP, Inc. pioneered the innovation of nutritious food packs utilizing DOST-FNRI Rice-Mongo Blend technology through the assistance of DOST-PSTO Bulacan where community partners & farmers were the project beneficiaries . This was also the time that the innovated Rice-Mongo based and local-vegetable based Nutripacks were introduced to DepEd for inclusion in the SBFP & the National Feeding Program menu.


Partnerships Forged

DOST Central Luzon through DOST PSTO Bulacan granted funding for the upgrading of AHP, Inc LunchBox Project -aimed at enhancing the products development, acquisition of additional equipment and forgoing partnerships with local farmers & livelihood community beneficiaries for the raw materials while continuously expanding the product innovations.


The National Funding

Through the Philippine Council for Innovation, DOST-PCIEERD, the LunchBox Project was granted national funding under Women-Helping Women Innovating Social Enterprise Program -to enhance the food innovation processes and further support the community beneficiaries. Through this funding, we were able to fund communities that pre-process the local raw materials as ingredients needed for the creation of Nutripacks. This year, the number of end-users or feeding program implementers patronizing LBP innovations continues to grow.


The Incorporation

Nutripacks Philippines name was approved under IPOPHL as the official trademark for AHP, Inc-LunchBox Project. To further focus on the product innovations, on 08/17/2023 Nutripacks Philippines Corporation was formed and registered under SEC to mainly operate the manufacturing processes & activities of AHP, Inc. innovations.